The Carlyle Deception

A taut, well-plotted thriller with a compelling lead character."

KIRKUS Reviews, Aug 2013.

Ever beat an opponent at their own game?

Feels good, doesn't it.

Lambert Greene must transform himself from dedicated family man into a cunning chameleon, adapting and surviving as he confronts the worst of civilization.  He's in over his head, and he know it--but he can't turn back.  In the most hostile place on Earth, he'll learn that trust is the most valuable commodity.

His survival plan: repel all adversaries with their rules, then destroy them with his.


Who's who in this Zoo?

LAMBERT GREENE---The main protagonist; mid-40s, wife, two kids, dog named Harley. He finds and fights his way through the likes of characters such as:

BOSSMAN---When the word villain begins with a "B".

SUPER---a.k.a the Supervisor. Built like  wide, dangerous toad. Runs Outpost Spartan like he's on borrowed time.

ELLIOT (the Untouchable)---The ultimate survivor. Thinks two steps ahead of everyone else. Speaks through actions, not words.

GALACTUS-- Large, stocky man-mountain; equally big thirst for rock music. Has a face like a camel in a high-speed centrifuge.

MANDELA---A dude as wild as his long blond hair. Gives a damn about...nothing.

TRIPLE-B (big black bastard)---Self-named to help fuel a perpetual simmering anger. Cross him, and if you live your nickname might become "Lefty" or "Hopalong."

BEAST---Ex-Russian Army. Equal parts lazy and crazy. Thinks he's a celebrity because his mother was a USSR-era model; one of the hefty, scarf-clad oxen filmed in a cabbage queue at a collective farm market.

And a cast of minor players, including: Dieter Baltazar, Ankor Cabell, Charlie Tuna, Vegemite, Grey-suit Man, Vladimir Claymore, Death Wish, and more.